Top industry drones for inspection in 2020/2021.

What is the best industrial drone on the market? Most models fit for most industry services like monitoring, topographic survey, security inspections, or critical data collection. There is one question to ask before decide on which drone to choose for your industry. What kind of criteria are you looking for in terms of buying drones for the company?

At their best, drones or Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have the potential to revolutionize a wide range of industries, including energy, mining, agriculture, transport, and construction. The applications range from cost-saving, time-saving, and optimized work processes to improved safety and security, and reduced risk to human life.

Before making a purchase, it is good to do research and compare all the functionalities, advantages, and disadvantages. We have collected the best models and determine which one has the best options for industrial inspection.

Drones aren't just flying cameras. They can perform many tasks and get precise data in a real-time view. There are hundreds of industrial drones available on the market, and choosing the one is a serious decision.

Drones come in a variety of capabilities according to the tasks they're performing, ranging from inspection to a topographical survey or anomalies detection.

Each industry has diverse needs and, as a consequence, requires different types of drone-powered solutions and various drone functionalities. Some of them value flight speed and payload capacity, while others wish to concentrate on solutions cost-effectively delivering high-quality, real-time data.

DJI M300

DJI Matrice 300 is a configurable drone with the choice of many applications. Matrice 300 enables safely operate in the most challenging circumstances. Some of its safety features include an anti-collision beacon, object detection up to 98 feet away, and AirSense, which is an ADS-B receiver that picks up signals from manned aircraft and alerts the drone pilot of the location of the aircraft. The M300 RTK can carry up to three kilograms and up to three different payloads at the same time.

For changing a payload or battery, the drone is equipped with Hot-Swappable Batteries, so the battery can be changed while still providing power without shutting down the drone.

Key Features

  • Compatible with various third-party sensors

  • Max Flight Speed: 51 mph (82 kph)

  • Max Flight Time: Up to 55-minutes

  • Anti-Collision Beacon

  • Hot-Swappable Battery

  • 6 Directional Sensing & Positioning

  • AirSense ADS-B Receiver, self-heating battery, UAV health management system, primary flight display.


Dronehub is one of the leading drones in a box company providing asset inspections in the oil and gas, railway, insurance, agriculture, and security management. The solution consists of three parts: autonomous drone, the docking station (the hub for drones), and dedicated software powered by artificial intelligence. This technology solution enables us to store the drone, charge its batteries, and prepare for the 24/7 BVLOS missions. The LTE/5G connection enables us to manage and control of drones and docking stations in real-time from a distance through the cloud. The whole infrastructure enables conduct scheduled & on-demand missions, and it is ready to use 24/7/365.

Key Features

  • Max Flight Speed: 61 kph

  • Maximum range: 36km

  • Max Flight Time: Up to 45-minutes, 24/365 with hub

  • System for battery changing

  • Communication: GSM/LTE and 5G

  • Mission management application for planning the mission schedule

  • Mission on request feature

  • Weather conditions verification, including the following parameters temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, total rainfall.

Intel Falcon 8+ Octocopter Drone Bundle

Falcon 8 drone is dedicated to commercial purposes such as volumetric 3D measurements, geo-referenced 2D and 3D information, building surveying, and modeling depending upon the camera that is used. Falcon 8 offers a weight-to-payload ratio, and it's stable even in the harsh conditions. It offers an HD camera with 36 megapixels resolution. This high-speed drone can be used in various applications like construction progress and mapping, visual inspection of structural integrity, and it is highly beneficial for the industrial purpose.

Key features

  • HD Camera & Great Speed

  • Speed UAV ith 34 mph.

  • Water-resistant

  • Robust user interface.

  • With the integrated Intel tablet, drone operators can plan and execute highly complex missions with ease.

  • It provides flexible and Portable access and meets the airline shipping requirements of batteries.

  • Capable of withstanding winds up to 10 meters per second.

  • Flight time: 26 minutes.

  • It can fly up to 4000 meters high above sea level.

  • The drone is used for tracking down the bodies after natural disasters like tsunami, floods, and earthquakes.

Pelixar LSM MRe X8 C850

The best in class drone worker made to perform the most advanced inspecting missions in critical infrastructure. This air monitoring system consists of three parts:

  • security monitoring for drone patrolling mission and interventions

  • environmental monitoring measuring the level of pollution of the air, water, and soil

  • drone technical supervision (technical inspections of facilities and machines).

This technology can be extended by drone hangar and technical integration with the command center.

Key features

  • modular structure allowing for fast sensor changes

  • 25 minutes of maximum flight time

  • The drone can work within -25/+35 degrees

  • Durable construction

  • LCD monitor informing about the flight status

  • RGB camera enabling for full HD recording

  • Equipped with gimbal

Yuneec Drone Tornado H920

The Yuneec Tornado H920 is a drone with a six-rotor design that keeps it in the air even in the event of a single-engine failure. The drone can carry a three kilograms payload. It is engineered with retractable landing gear that provides an unfettered 360-degree view of the landscape as the camera pans. It is constructed with carbon fiber for durability and rigidity. You can perform live monitoring via the integrated 7-inch Android device and OSD telemetry display.

Key features:

  • The landing gear retracts providing a 360-degree view

  • Has six rotors making it suitable to carry the Panasonic GH4 camera

  • Includes two flight batteries and a dual battery charger

  • Supports interchangeable lenses.

  • Gimbal rotates freely.

  • Dual operator control.

  • Remote control with an integrated tablet.

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